do you know that before debut Eunhyuk, Sungmin and Xiah Junsu are supposed to debut as an RnB group under SME but Xiah later on debuted as part of DBSK…

do you know when Super Junior won the the best new comer award in MKMF 2006 Eunhyuk cried a lot.. as in alot.. then Sungmin wrote on his Cyworld ….

At the side, was hyukjae who had his head lowered and was crying till even his make up was ruined. I held him tightly from behind, I know, all along he cannot hold back his tears, he is a cry baby.

do you that Sungmin and Eunhyuks freindship is really the best, wanna know why… it’s because Sungmin said that he had kissed Eunhyuk for about 5 times!! *eherm Mr.Cho Kyuhyun and Mr.Lee donghae any comments?*

do you know during EHB (explorers of human body) sungmin said..

Thinking about Eunhyuk really being in danger, I really wanted to save him because Eunhyuk is like a real brother to me…

This is Super Junior's story, why do you ever want to be an anti?


On the 6th of November, 2005 Super Junior debuted as “The Super Junior Project” with the digital single “TWINS (Knock Out)” and “You Are the One”, three additional tracks were released on November 8th.

Originally SM planned to change the 12 members if they weren’t satisfied, they had their right to add new members or replace the originals.

Evening knowing so that they may be separated, Super Junior 05 still smiled.

In February of 2006, Super Junior05 did promotions for their second promotional single from the debut album, “Miracle”. Due to the unexpected popularity of Super Junior05. SM began to select new members for the second project, Super Junior 06. There numerous members chosen to move up to the group as well as additional members. Instead, in May of 2006, the project was abandoned and a 13th member was added.

They became known as our legendary Super Junior today.

In July of 2006, Super Junior lip-sync on Show! Music Core of MBC, due to HeeChul being ill.
Kim HeeChul as a singer was blamed my critics eventually that just because one member was ill, not all members should have to lip-sync.

Despite the critics being out to put him down, Kim Heechul unbearably pretended to be alright.

Shortly after this incident, Lee DongHae’s father passed away on August 8th of 2006.

At a time where he lost his father who supported him and gave him the courage to be who he is today, he was unable to show his tears,
He smiled constantly to the reporters who came to take photos of him during the funeral because he wanted to protect the other members from any sort of criticisms.
Throughout the 2nd and 3rd album, his thanks to section was dedicated to his dad, who had protected him.
On August 10th of 2006, Kim HeeChul was involved in a car accident on his way back to Seoul after attending Lee DongHae’s fathers funeral.
Because of the accident, Kim HeeChul was unable to dance, more likely dance on stage with his members due to the endless pain.

Rather than being understanding, he was criticized for being human.
Questioning why he was still alive, yet Kim HeeChul still smiled.

Kim HeeChul made his comeback stage on November 25, 2006. From the day he returned up until around April or May of 2007, Kim HeeChul had metal rods in his legs that gave him pain through his legs. He put on a smile and performed for E.L.F’s despite the unbearable pain he felt.

Yet, Netizen’s still made comments like “Is it elementary school dance?”
Kim HeeChul was still able to smile.

On April 19th of 2007, another car accident had occurred.
Two managers, LeeTeuk, EunHyuk, ShinDong and KyuHyun were involved in this accident.
While others were not as badly injured, KyuHyun was in the state of unconsciousness for a few days. Due to his lungs not working well, and his ribs were severely broken, there was a possibility he would be unable to continue to sing.

Fortunately, KyuHyun recovered well despite insulting netizen messages.
On July 26, 2007, Super Junior released their movie, Attack on The Pin-Up Boys.
LeeTeuk and KyuHyun were unable to participate due to health reasons, though LeeTeuk was able to take part in it.

Because the movie was not very popular, there were comments from netizen’s once again,

Super Junior released their 2nd album on September 20th of 2007 with Don’t Don.
Due to not much recognition, there were vicious insults from netizens.
A few mentioning “Super Junior are singers who sing with too many flaws and without skills.”
Despite so, the album sold over 100,000 copies.

Although KyuHyun had not yet fully recovered, he still performed his best on stage and he smiled happily despite the pain and exhaustion he felt.

After Don’t Don, they promoted Marry U, though it was not as popular as expected, they ended their 2nd album promotions.

People began to treat both Super Junior and ELF’s in a disrespectful manner.
In order for ELF’s to avoid Super Junior being scolded for their actions, ELF’s began a “becoming a kindhearted ELF’s project” in order to respond to criticisms with a forgiving manner.

Soon after, the issue of Super Junior Only 13 becamse of an unknown person playing the violin in the middle part of Don’t Don.
As a result, ELF’s began their protestation of “the defense of 13” in January of 2008.
The person playing the violin in the middle part of ‘Don’t don’ was a stranger to all of us and there were rumors that he would join Super Junior.
ELFs started opposition, as a result.

Sub-units were created in Super Junior throughout the years of debuting beginning with Super Junior KRY on November 25, 2006. Super Junior-T debuted on February 23rd of 2007. On April 8th of 2008, Super Junior-M had debuted. On May 30th of 2008, Super Junior Happy debuted with members of the other sub-units.

Super Junior M consisted of two Chinese members, Henry & Zhou Mi.
Many fans protested the idea of a 15 member Super Junior.

Soon after, Super Junior became known as SuperJunior13 + 2.

On March 12th of 2009, Super Junior returned with their 3rd album, Sorry Sorry without Kim KiBum.

Sorry Sorry became a popular hit worldwide.

Soon after, KangIn was involved in a violent drunken incident.
It resulted in a lot of criticisms and insults.
Despite what anyone was said, Super Junior members, ELF’s and close friends knew the truth and believed in KangIn.
While KangIn was off-screen, the lawsuit between HanKyung and SM exploded.

On May 13, 2010, Super Junior released their 4th album, Bonamona with only 10 members.

At this very moment today, Super Junior consists of 13+2 members, being active as 10+2.
KiBum is currently pursuing solo activities, but he is still considered a member of Super Junior.
KangIn is currently enlisted in the army serving his military service.
HanKyung has terminated his contract with SM as of June 13, 2010.

Despite all the criticisms and comments, Super Junior still smiled at ELF’s.
When receiving awards, LeeTeuk never forgets to mentions the other 3 members while 10 are standing on stage.
Always saying Thank You, “including these three members” unable to speak of their names.

Now, you wonder why I am writing this? Because no matter what Super Junior still continues to smile. ELF’s continue to believe.

If you don’t recall, all they ever wanted to do was apologize to us. All they’ve ever done was apologize to us.

So please, if ever Super Junior is to be scolded, put the blame on us ELF’s.
They have cried so many tears, worked so hard to be where they are and the only thing we can do is love and support them. So the next time a criticism is made, please criticize us ELFs because Super Junior has done nothing wrong. All they have ever done was give to us.

Please don’t make our leader cry anymore.

So tell me, after reading this, why in the world would Super Junior have anti’s?
They put on a mask to show us they can be strong, they can survive as long as we’re on their side.

They’re people too, they have feelings. Please be considerate of them because all they do is smile at us despite how they’re really feeling.
Please. Super Junior is our family.
Forever our family.

Super Junior is also, forever a 13+2 boy band. Forever, with the love of ELF’s worldwide.
KangIn promised we’ll see 13 on stage again. We’ll be waiting and we won’t give up.
I promise <3 

Super Junior 13+2 + ELF’s = One


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Making another story again :D but still continuing the other one :3

Making another story again :D but still continuing the other one :3

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